Slatina Spa

Slatina Spa

The complex in Slatina Spa, 12 kilometers southeast from Banjaluka, is an integral part of the Institute for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation „Dr Miroslav Zotović“. The Institute is the biggest and most respectable health facility for medical rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery and baromedicine in the region.

Department for medical rehabilitation in Slatina has a long tradition and supreme expertise in rehabilitation of patients with all forms of rheumatism, postoperative and posttraumatic conditions, including sports injuries and slipped disc surgeries. In the process of rehabilitation, medical teams follow the up-to- date protocols and modern technology, combining these with the benefits of thermomineral water and healing mud of Slatina Spa.

In five facilities, there are 300 beds available to the patients and guests. Rooms are equipped with telephone, wi-fi and TV. Meals are individually adjusted to the condition of the patients and guests. Slatina Spa is known for its professional, hospitable and kind staff. The preserved nature of Slatina Spa is certainly worth seeing so is the nearby Banjaluka, one of the most beautiful towns in Bosna and Herzegovina.

In 2017, Slatina Rehabilitation Dept. & Spa will have additional 200 beds in modern facility, with indoors swimming pull, gym and hiking / Nordic walking trails. The new development is followed by the intense education of the medical and non-medical staff. The goals are to introduce new rehabilitation services such as the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, but also to increase the range of health tourism services.

Development of the health tourism in Slatina Spa is also supported by the Government of the Republic of Srpska. In 2016, the Institute and Slatina Spa were entrusted with the Park Forest Complex in Slatina. It is the State protected area where natural resources must be used following the renewable principles. The Project which is jointly implemented with the Faculty of Forestry, will make this natural resource available not only to the patients and guest of Slatina Spa, than also to the all recreation and nature lovers.