Slatina Spa

Welness and spa programs


Following the rhythm of modern life is not easy. For all those who need a short or longer rest from the hectic life, Wellness Center in Slatina Spa can offer many programs for the relaxation and the body and soul renewal.

Wellness Centre offers:

  • Jacuzzi and Magic Showers Experience
  • Sauna
  • All types of manual massages
  • Healing thermomineral baths
  • Peloide application with relaxation
  • Anti-cellulite program with modern equipment, including carbon dioxide treatment

The basic package “Weekend of wellbeing” includes:

  • medical examination
  • 4 programed walks with professional guidance (blood pressure and heart rate follow up)
  • 5 meals a day, as recommended by dietician
  • accommodation in single / double bedrooms or apartments


The “Weekend of wellbeing” can be enriched with the various types of manual massages:

  • anti-stress massage (relax massage with aromatic oils)
  • sports massage (massage after strenuous training and physical activities)
  • hot chocolate massage (chocolate relaxes and lifts the spirt)
  • Raspberry / strawberry massage (C vitamin freshens the skin and helps the body detox)
  • Tui-na Chinese massage (for the removal of energy flow blocks and for relaxation)
  • Reflex foot massage (with healing effects on the entire body)
  • Hot stone massage (massage with hot volcano stones)
  • Herbal spa massage with herbal pillows (pillow warmth and aromatic herbs have anti-stress and relaxing effect).

All massages and other services can be either combined in packages or enjoyed as single services during all seven days a week.





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