Team of the Children’s Department from “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute at the 21st Summer Academy in Zadar


The multidisciplinary team of the Children’s Department from “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute traditionally attended the Summer Academy organized by the Croatian Academy for Developmental Habilitation. This year’s 21st Summer Academy was held on 27.08.2018. – 29.08.2018. in Zadar. (more…)

Exchange of information and experiences on pulmononary rehabilitation – representatives of the institute “Dr Miroslav Zotović” visiting general hospitals Prijedor


Representatives of the Institute „Dr Miroslav Zotović“ Banja Luka, on August 29, 2018. visited the Prijedor General Hospital where they exchanged information with their colleagues, internists and pulmonologists, about the development of pulmonary rehabilitation in the Republic of Srpska.

Since the beginning of the year, the pulmonary rehabilitation team has been functioning at the location of the Zavod in Slatina, where natural resources contribute to the ideal conditions for the rehabilitation of pulmonary patients.


Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotović” bought Gerontological center “Slateks” at the auction


On the auction Gerontological Center’s “Slateks” property held on 21.8.2018. the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr. Miroslav Zotović” bought the Gerontological Center “Slateks” at the minimum price of 2.200.000 KM.

Institute „Dr Miroslav Zotović“ has decided for this business move taking into account the existing capacities and natural resources available in Slatina as well as the needs for health protection and health care services for the population.


Capillaroscopy – a new diagnostic method in “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute


In order to improve and expand the services, from August 20, at the “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute in Slatina we are introducing Capillaroscopy – a new diagnostic method for patients with rheumatic diseases, which will be conducted by Dr Sandra Grubiša-Vujasinović, spec. physiatrist – rheumatologist.

Capillaroscopy is a simple, safe and painless method of displaying the morphological structure of the nail capillary, in people with already established systemic inflammatory rheumatic disease or with a suspicion of it. (more…)

Education for nurses and medical technicians


A two-day workshop for nurses/technicians called “Modern treatment of acute and chronic wounds” is held in the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotovic” on June 20 and 21, 2018.  The organizer of education attended by 19 nurses and technicians from all departments of the Institute „Dr Miroslav Zotović“ was company Lohmann & Rauscher.




On Friday, June 1 2018, members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team of the Children’s Department of the “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute, completed a professional education entitled “Sensory integration towards Ayers® in Pedagogy / SIAT®” which was conducted under the guidance of B.Sc. psychologist-master, clinical psychology specialists, sensory integration pedagogy instructors and MarteMeo supervisor Iva Papić.

The training, which began in May 2017 and contained three modules, successfully completed 8 team members of the Institute- 2 psychologists, 1 special teacher, 3 occupational therapists and 2 physiotherapists. (more…)

Orthotic and prosthetic aids: the theme of Second conference of Association for prosthetic and orthotics- ISPO in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation „Dr. Miroslav Zotovic“, on its own location in Banja Slatina, is a host of Second conference of Association for prosthetic and orthotics- ISPO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be held on 1. and 2. June 2018.


Minister of Trade and Tourism in an official visit to the spa complex in Slatina


Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotović” in Slatina, today hosted the Minister of Trade and Tourism in the Government of the RS, Predrag Gluhaković.

The visit of the Minister was a reason to discuss the improvement of spa and health tourism and the possibilities for promotion of “Slatina Spa” in the European Union market and other markets, as well as the capacity of Spa to hold conferences in the field of health tourism. (more…)