This year, Institute of Medicine ” Dr Miroslav Zotović” symbolically joins the celebration of the September 5th – International Day of Spinal Cord Injuries, which is celebrated by the International Society for Spinal Injuries (ISCoS) with the aim of raising the general public’s awareness of the importance of creating the preconditions for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the everyday life of communities, but also to ensure greater success of preventive programs. Motto of this year’s celebration on Sept. 5 is the password: YES, WE CAN! (YES, WE CAN DO!)

Within the Department for Neurorehabilitation, the Institute rehabilitates and habilites patients with spinal cord injuries. With the constant efforts of our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, we strive to provide top rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injuries, which includes comprehensive methods of physical therapy with psychological support, assessment and adaptation of wheelchairs, as well as counseling and training for the most independent life of people who have suffered this type of injuries.

Through occupational therapy, the training of patients for independent life activities is carried out in a specially adapted area simulating an architecturally adapted apartment. Here, patients learn how to adjust their own living space and how to function in it.