On Saturday, April 21, at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotović”, by passing the final exams, education from a combined decongestant therapy for physiotherapists and physicians under the licensed program of the International Academy Dr Vodder from Austria was completed. Combined decongestion therapy consists of manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, short-elastic multilayer compressive bandages and patient education.

Educators are licensed instructors – Silva Uršič from Slovenia and Dr. Melanie Wolhgenannt from Austria.

This method of treatment is applied to the condition and diseases of the lymphatic system, such as acquired lymphedema, congenital lymphedema, post-traumatic conditions, and operations. Patients who are most often referred to for the treatment of lymphedema are patients after surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Dr Miroslav Zotović Institute has been engaged in complex decongestant therapy for 15 years,  and now is the only institution in the region with a team of 9 doctors and physiotherapists with an international certificate of the „Dr Vodder“ Academy.

Theoretical part of the education was also accredited by the Republika Srpska Health Council.