Association of voluntary blood donors of the Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotovic”, in cooperation with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of RS, organized “The first action of voluntary blood donation”.

The response from the employees was excellent and during the action 59 doses of this precious fluid were collected.

The guests of the “Dr Miroslav Zotovic” Institute were Mr. Miro Andjelic, president of the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors’ Societies, and Mrs. Bozica Malinovic, president of the Association’s Board of Directors. “The asset of the Miroslav Zotovic Institute succeeded, they organized the first, excellent action, and I congratulate them on that and wish them many more such successful actions,” said Anđelić.

“This is only the first in a series of actions organized by the Institute’s Voluntary Blood Donors Act, Dr. Miroslav Zotovic. Although the turnout today has been excellent, we hope it will be even better at every subsequent event we organize, ”said Mirjana Pusac, President of Assets.

The association of the voluntary blood donors of the Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotovic” plans to organize another action by the end of the year, due to the large number of interested persons who were not able to donate blood today.