Minister of Labor and  Veterans with disability Protection in the Government of Republika Srpska, Duško Milunović and Director of the Institute “Dr. Miroslav Zotović”, Prim. dr Goran Talić, PhD, today signed the Contract on Spa Treatment and Rehabilitation for Beneficiaries in the Project for Spa Rehabilitation of war veterans with disabilities and family members of the fallen veterans of the Republika Srpska defense and fatherland war for 2019.

The signed agreement allows 260 users from 19 cities/municipalities to undergo physical therapy, spa treatment and rehabilitation in Slatina. Director Talić told reporters that this health institution had submitted a tender for the provision of rehabilitation services for the veteran population in Srpska and thanked Minister Milunović for the release of this project.

Minister Milunović said that the line ministry is continuing the implementation of the project for the rehabilitation of war veterans with disability and families of fallen soldiers.

He stated that the project has been running since 2006 and involved 7,658 war veterans with disability and family members of the fallen soldiers  and added that the RS Government had allocated around KM 3.8 million during that period.

“This year, the budget position is KM 300,000 and we expect that close to 600 war veterans with disability and family members of fallen soldiers will be covered by the spa rehabilitation project,” Milunović told reporters after signing the contract.

He emphasized that the “Dr Miroslav Zotović” Institute, with its 882 employees, successful business operations, constant expansion of capacities and improvement of services, can be an example to all public institutions and companies in Srpska.

“This is an example of how a combination of our best natural and human resources can produce great results. I am pleased that this institution has gone through a public tender and that 262 disabled war veterans and family members of fallen soldiers will have exceptional conditions for rehabilitation, ”said Milunović.

He expressed the hope that successful cooperation with this healthcare facility will continue.