About the Institute


To improve health and quality of life of patients and their families. 


The Institute „Dr. Miroslav Zotović“ from Banjaluka will become regional leader in professional, scientific and educational fields, as an exceptional health care facility for rehabilitation medicine, orthopedic surgery and baromedicine. The Institute will continue using modern clinical approaches, best clinical practices and evidence based medicine. This is achieved in close cooperation with relevant institutions and experts, through the continuous development of integrated model of health care, for the benefit of patients and all other partners in this process.


  • Commitment

Commitment and holistic approach to our patients and users, taking into account all their health, spiritual and social needs.

  • Professionalism

The biggest motivator for the staff and for the further personal and professional development. Continuing learning of all staff members in order to keep abreast with new knowledge and required skills. Top management supports continuing education and cooperation with the world class hospitals.

  • Teamwork

Promoting team work understands involvement of different professionals in all clinical work (wherever and whenever needed and possible), in order to improve outcomes, exchanges of the experience and knowledge, and to strengthen the internal and external professional communication.

  • Responsibility

Towards patients and families, towards colleagues and coworkers, towards one’s own community as well as the environment. Management and all employees have rational approach in using the Institute’s resources, striving to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Dedication

To follow the set goal, to cherish and preserve the respect and tradition which the Institute has. To encourage all ideas which strengthen the positive image of the Organization among both general and professional audience.

  • Adaptability

Openness and adaptability to the patient’s and family’s needs, to a wider community and development of science. Visionary approach and profiling services which are most needed in the society.

  • Persistence

Persistence in shaping new doctrines, guidelines, and standards. Persistence and commitment in application of ethical standards, principles of a good clinical practice and confidentiality of information.

  • Creativity

Encouraging employees to use all their knowledge, formal and non-formal in their day-to- day work and exchange of ideas which can lead to further improvement.

  • Openness

Openness to general public, to patients and their families (web-site, press releases). Including patients in the process of health care (informed consent for diagnostic and treatment, complaint & suggestions system).