About the Institute


dsc_0490Continuous medical education for healthcare workers and medical associates at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotović” is organized with the aim of continuous improvement of professional knowledge, in order to maintain and improve the skills and competencies in providing health services to patients. The goal of organizing continuous medical education is to constantly monitor new scientific and expert knowledge and skills, which in synergy with generally recognized and already applied doctrines and methods, enable the development and improvement of professional potentials on the individual and institutional level. Through a variety of education programs, health professionals and healthcare professionals are better acquainted with the possibilities of using modern equipment and methods of providing health services, have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, attitudes and experiences, and to learn about interdisciplinary modern approaches in diagnostics, therapy and treatment, and hence continuous testing their own knowledge and skills, all with the aim of improving the health care provided to patients in the Institute.

Continuous medical education within the Institute is carried out in the form of professional meetings organized for healthcare workers and healthcare associates. Lecturers at professional meetings are health workers and health associates employed at the Institute, then lecturers on call from other institutions. In addition to this, the Institute is the teaching base of the Medical Faculty of the University of Banja Luka, as well as the Prijedor Medical School, the Apeiron Secondary School and the Medical School Banja Luka. Students of high school centers from RS, medical orientation – physiotherapist and work therapist come to the Institute for professional visits. Within the framework of continuous medical education within the Institute, courses, congresses, symposiums are organized, and the medical staff of the institution is regularly and continuously trained at numerous congresses and study stays in the country and abroad. A significant number of health workers of the Institute publishes scientific and expert papers in leading international and national scientific and professional journals, monographs and books.


Year 2012. The Institute was honored to be the organizer, sponsor and sponsor of the 4th Congress of Physiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participation. In October 2016, the 6th Congress of physiatrists of BiH with international participation was held in Banja Luka, when a considerable number of professional and scientific papers of physicists from the Institute were presented.

At the “Dr. Miroslav Zotović Institute”, there are currently employed 88 doctors, of which the largest number of specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation – 45, then orthopedics – 11, specialists with anesthesia with reanimation – 2, internist – 1, pneumophysiologist – 1. Five doctors are specialists Subspecialists of various fields of medicine: 2 subspecialists of balneoklimactology, 2 subspecialists of baromedicine and 1 subspecialist of angiology. There are currently four doctors of the Institute on subspecialization, namely 2 angiologists, 1 rheumatologist and 1 child physician.

Of the total number of 29 doctors of medicine, 24 of them are specialists: 14 specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, 3 specialists in orthopedics, 2 specialists in internal medicine, 2 specialists in rheumatology, 1 child neurologist specialization and 1 specialist in anesthesia with reanimation. Being aware that improving knowledge means a better service for patients, the management of the Institute stimulates education, which doctors and other medical personnel receive in renowned institutions in the region and beyond.

The Institute emphasizes, above all, that the patient must be seen as a whole, and that the team work of specialists and subspecialists of other branches of medicine additionally emphasizes multidisciplinarity in approaching the patient.

Special techniques / services

Doctors specialists and other members of the medical teams of the Institute have certificates for clinical osteodenitometry, urodynamic tests, electromyonurography (EMNG), ultrasound diagnosis of blood vessels, soft tissues and joints, adenomas, etc.

The multidisciplinary team for scoliosis has attended numerous international diagnostic and treatment programs for scoliosis – the program of Hospital Banjica, the program Katarina Schrot, the program Negrini and others.

Diagnosis and treatment of neuro-risk babies and children with developmental disorders is carried out according to modern concepts such as Bobath and Vojta terpija.

The Institute has teams with internationally recognized certificates (training of trainers) for education in the field of diabetes management, so that in addition to patients, the teams of the Institute are educated by healthcare workers and affiliates.

The institute is the reference institution for the treatment of chronic wounds – from the use of modern principles of wound dressing and treatment, through ultrasound debridment and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Orthopedic team of the Institute is educated in prestigious orthopedic houses, as well as at top-level practical workshops in Europe and America. Orthopedics and other team members share their knowledge unselfishly and have been hosting orthopedics and doctors specializing in the country and region for years, who in the Institute.