Internal medicine clinic

5. Internistički kabinet-EKG

The internal medicine clinic is well equipped and offers a variety of internal medicine diagnostics, performed by the specialist in internal medicine.

EKG- Electrocardiogram (12 channels)

The most common conditions which are diagnosed with the ECG in rest are: hearth rhythm abnormalities, ischemic heath disease and hearth attack. However, the regular EKG fining itself does confirm the absence of the serious hearth diseases.

EKG HOLTER (24 hours recording of the EKG)

Holter electrocardiogram is recording of the hearth electric activity for 24 hours, during the ordinary work and daily life activities. Patient gets a form for taking notes about the symptoms he or she may have during the designated 24 hours.

Holter EKG is recommended in cases of cardiac rhythm and frequency irregularities, ischemic heath disease, following on the antiarrhythmic therapy and syncope.

BLOOD PRESSURE HOLTER (24 hours recording of blood pressure)

Blood pressure holter presents an intermittent recording of blood pressure values during 24 hours and it serves as a reliable diagnostic method for arterial hypertension. It is particularly useful in young and sensitive patients when the proper diagnosis is an issue of importance for proper therapeutic approach in these patients.

The method is safe and blood pressure is usually recorded every 15 minutes during the day time

and every 30 minutes during the night time.


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