Isokinetic testing

Izokinetičko testiranje - uz tekst

Isokinetic testing

The isokinetic testing is technologically advanced procedure for the evaluation of muscle strength per segments of the locomotion apparatus. It is used as the initial evaluation, follow up and long term outcomes in the context of a therapeutic exercises program.

Isokinetic system is BIODEX 4 PRO   is the isokinetic dynamometer of new generation which enables both diagnostic and therapy. It measures the muscle performance (strength, endurance) with maximal precision. It is possible to evaluate muscle groups of every person (taking into account age, sex, body weight and height, functional requirements). The obtained results provide basis for professional and timely planning of the individual therapeutic approach.

During the isokinetic testing the patient can develop the maximal muscle strength throughout the range of motion, with adjustment of resistance according to the pain or fatigue. Thus, the isokinetic testing is safe with regard to the potential muscle or joint structure overload. It is especially important for the occupational medicine and functional rehabilitation of sport injuries as the isokinetic system enables the testing without risk for overload.

As the isokinetic system is connected with computer which stores data for every evaluated patient, it is easy to accurately record the changes which are the result of the therapeutic program. The results and differences are recorded simultaneously with testing itself which allows an easy comparison of the patient’s results with the expected norms.


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