The internal organizational structure of the Institute for the physical medicine and rehabilitation „Dr. Miroslav Zotović“:

Top management:

1. Direktor- Prim. dr Goran Talić, specijalista ortopedije sa traumatologijom





Director  General –  Goran Talić, M.D. PhD orthopedic surgeon



2. Pomoćnik direktora za medicinske poslove - Dr Snježana Novaković-Bursać, specijalista fizikalne medicine i rehabilitacije





Deputy Director for Medical Affairs – mr sc. dr Snježana Novaković Bursać, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation Deputy Director for Medical Affairs



Other members of the management:

3. Leonida Krminac, glavna sestra Zavoda                               4. Bogdana Mraković, glavni fizioterapeut Zavoda                                 5. Lidija Slunjski Tišma, glavni radni terapeut Zavoda

Head Nurse                     Head Physiotherapist                    Head Occupational Therapist

                                                    Physiotherapy                           Occupational therapy          


Heads of medical departments

U okviru menadžmenta nalaze se i Kancelarija za odnose s javnošću, Kancelarija za kontrolu kvaliteta,Centar za edukaciju i naučno – istraživački rad i Kancelarija za projekt menadžment.

U Zavodu se organizuju osnovne i unutrašnje organizacione jedinice.Osnovne organizacione jedinice u medicinskoj djelatnosti su: – Odjeljenje – Služba – Centar


Osnovne organizacione jedininice medicinske djelatnosti Zavoda:


1) Dept. for admission, diagnostics and therapy (Dept. I )

Head of Dept.: Prim. mr sc. med. dr Vera Stajić-Aksentić, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary team includes physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and psychologist. The team provides physical therapy services, mainly to the out-patients. An important segment of clinical work is sophisticated diagnostics of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system.




2) Dept. for neurorehabilitation – Dept. II

Head of Dept.: Tatjana Bućma, MD, Ph.D., specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Department for neurorehabilitation provides rehabilitation services for the post-stroke patients, for other neurological patients, for patients who underwent neurosurgical, orthopedic or any other treatment associated with any neurological functional deficit.




3) Dept. for habilitation, rehabilitation and education of children and youth with impaired locomotor functions (Dept. III)

Head of Dept: Prim. mr sc. med. dr Đurđica Stevanović-Papić, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Department for children rehabilitation is providing services of habilitation, rehabilitation and physical therapy for children with pathological conditions and diseases which contribute to a delay in the child’s development. Department has an excellent team for integral habilitation /rehabilitation. Team includes specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, trainee doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologist, social worker, speech therapists and special teachers.




4) Department for treatment and rehabilitation of angiological patients, prosthetic rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with posttraumatic conditions – (Dept. IV)

Head of Dept.: Prim. dr Dobrinka Živanić, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation– angiologist

Department is a regional leader in rehabilitation of patients with lymphedema, diabetic polyneuropathy and diabetic foot. Rehabilitation of patients with amputation and prosthetic fitting have tradition of over 60 years. Beside specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and subspecialist angiologist, the team includes nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologist, social workers, prosthetic & orthotic technicians and the other professionals. Patients and its family are in the focus of interest of the entire rehab team and they are actively involved in the rehabilitation process.




5) Dept. for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with rheumatologic diseases, postoperative and posttraumatic conditions – Dept. V

Head of Dept.: Prim. dr Biljana Milić Krčum, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Department is located 12 km from Banjaluka, in a small place called Slatina Spa, with a powerful well of the thermal mineral water. In the processes of treatment and rehabilitation, medical teams are following the international standards and use the modern technology but also, for the benefit of our patients they use the healing properties of thermal mineral water and peloid of Slatina Spa. 

Department is offering the comprehensive rehabilitation services to:

– patients with inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and metabolic rheumatism,

– patients with posttraumatic conditions and patients with sports injuries

– patients after the joint replacement surgery, slipped disc surgery etc.

– patients with neurological conditions and diseases

– patients with the peripheral blood vessels



6) Department for the orthopedic surgery – Department VI

Head of Dept.: Prim. dr sc. med., specialist of orthopedic surgery and traumatology

The out-patient orthopedic clinic offers the following services:

  •  orthopedic clinical examinations for children and adults
  •  ultrasound examination of children’s hips
  •  minor orthopedic interventions (closed reposition and immobilization of fractures, joint excess fluid evacuation, intraarticular injections, wound treatment)

Our team of orthopedic surgeons routinely performs all types of orthopedic surgery on the osteo-articular system and adjacent soft tissues, except for injuries and diseases of the spine. We proudly state that our Department, according to the number of performed surgeries and patients outcomes, particularly in the fields of joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery and childrensurgery, is one of the biggest and most successful orthopedic centers not only in Bosnia and Hercegovina than also in the region.



Miroslav Čađo, glavni ortopedski tehničar

7) Service for production, application and procurements of the orthopedic aids and appliances – Service VII

Chief of Service: Miroslav Čađo, the head orthopedic technician

The workshop produces all kinds of orthopedic aids, using the high quality materials, which are clinically tested. The team cooperates with the world known companies in orthopedic and prosthetic fields. Also, the process of evaluation, prescription, production and application of orthopedic aids is always a team effort, with participation of doctors – specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic and prosthetic technicians.



Mr sci Dijana Đurić, psiholog

8) Psychosocial support services for adult patients – Service VIII

Chief of Service: Mr. sc. Dijana Đurić, psychologist, master

The psychosocial support is available for all adult patients in the Institute and their families. The team includes psychologists, social workers, and speech pathologists. The psychosocial team greatly contributes to the comprehensive rehabilitation and enhances the efforts towards the patient’s socialization, through counseling and support to the patients and family members, and active efforts in networking with the local community (user’s organizations, NGOs etc.).



9) Centre for hyperbaric medicine and chronic wound treatment –Centre IX

Head of the Centre: Prim. dr Aleksandar Gajić, orthopedic surgeon, subspecialist in

baromedicine Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is available since 2005 when the Centre was established, with an idea to modernize and advance the management of chronic wound treatment. The Centre has three single monoplace hyperbaric chambers and one multiplace chamber. Multiplace chamber for hyperbaric oxygenation enabled that up to eight patients enter the Chamber at the same time as well as the treatment of critical patients who require medical escort.


mr ph. Gordana Ljubojević, specijalista kliničke farmacije

10) Medical Supplies Services and Hospital Pharmacy – Service X

Head of Hospital Pharmacy – Mr. ph. spec. Gordana Ljubojević, specialist in clinical pharmacy

The main task of the Service is to ensure the continuous supply with medicines, medical materials, diagnostic tests, chemicals, and pharmacy preparations. In every day work, pharmacists are indispensable members of clinical teams in the Institute, helping the team to make pharmacotherapy to be both rational and safe. The Hospital pharmacy is teaching base for undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students and pharmaceutical technicians. All activities in the Hospital Pharmacy are following the national hospital standards for safety and quality as well as the standards of the good pharmacy practice (GPP).


The main organizational unit in nonmedical sector are:

1) Service for plan, analysis and public procurement

2) Accounting service

3) Legal and HR services

4) IT service

5) Technical service

6) Hospital kitchen and restaurant