Orthopedic aids

Orthopedic aids

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As the referral and consultancy center, the Institute ”Dr Miroslav Zotović” has the expertise in highly specialized rehabilitation programs, such as the prosthetic fitting, application of the orthosis or other aids which support the independence and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Throughout decades the Institute persevered in the integrated rehabilitation service approach as it was proved that the rehabilitation and orthopedic technique are best functioning and serving the patients if they are “under the one roof”.

This important segment of rehabilitation services is closely linked to the history of the Institute as the Institute started as the orthopedic workshop, back in 1952, with a mission to meet the needs of the World War 2 veterans. For decades, the Orthopedic Workshop was developing together with the Institute. Unfortunately, due to the recent civil war, the staff developed the addition expertise in prosthetic fitting. Today, prosthetic and orthotic technicians are producing and applying many types of orthopedic aids and appliances which are used in the rehabilitation programs. The Workshop’s team is following the up-to- date production guidelines, using the modern, clinically approved materials and partnering with the world known producers in fields of prosthetic and orthotics.

The application of orthopedic aids is a complex process with the following key stages:

  • Clinical team assessment (rehabilitation doctor / orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, occupation therapist, etc.).
  • Selection and testing for the most appropriate aids
  • Customized, high quality production of the orthopedic aid
  • Team approach in the application and evaluation of the functionality

All of the above require the expert knowledge and experience which do exist in the Institute. In 2013 the Orthopedic Workshop moved into a new, functional space (670 m²), with new and up-to- date equipment for the orthopedic technique. In 2015 the Institute purchased CAD-CAM technology which enabled the use of scanner & 3D software modeling. Data are loaded into the software, the team makes the final adjustment and final data are sent to the robotic production line “ORTIS LARGE”. In a short time, it produces positive cast (model) ready for the final stage in production of the orthosis.

The Institute is proud to note that there are only fifteen robotic lines such as “ORTIS LARGE” in Europe while the one in the Institute is the first one in the region. One of the trademarks of the Orthopedic Workshop is a spinal brace or orthosis for scoliosis type Cheneau. This orthosis is a gold standard in conservative treatment of structural scoliosis. Main advantages of Cheneau orthosis are good compliance and correction of the scoliosis curve without the increase in kyphosis, which is usually associated with the scoliosis.

In the Institute’s Orthopedic Workshop, the following orthopedic aids are most commonly prescribed, produced and applied:

  • bellow knee and above knee prosthesis
  • all types of spinal orthoses
  • custom made orthosis for special purposes
  • orthoses for the lower and upper limbs
  • all types of neck collars
  • orthopedic insoles

Also, many orthopedic aids are being adapted to meet the needs of the individual patient. With their expertise, orthopedic technicians help the patients / users to choose the most appropriate commercial orthopedic aids, such as:

  • mechanical and electromotor wheelchairs
  • toilet wheelchairs
  • anti-decubital program
  • crutches, canes and walkers


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