Orthopedic aids

Orthotic aids- orthoses


Orthoses are orthopedic aids whose function is to correct the congenital or acquired deformity. The correction is achieved to the possible degree – complete or partial correction. Most commonly used orthoses are orthoses for the lower and upper limbs and spinal orthoses. In the case of fixed deformity, orthosis supports this deformed part of body so it can perform its function – completely or to some degree. In deformities which are not definitive ones (non-fixed), such as the adolescent scoliosis, the orthosis is irreplaceable aid in the rehabilitation process. It stabilizes and prevents the further increase in the curve angle. In combination with therapeutic exercises, spinal orthoses enable the Scoliosis Team to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes.

The Orthopedic Workshop is very proud to the CHENEAU spinal orthosis which is prescribed, produced and applied under the guidance of the Scoliosis Team. As it is case in prosthetics, so is in the orthotics – the aids are produced from materials and components of a high quality. Beside the orthoses which are covered by the Health Insurance, the Orthopedic Workshop produces the other various orthoses for specific therapeutic purposes.

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