Children orthopedic surgery

Dječija ortopedija - uz tekst

Bone growth requires special attention and child must be followed from the birth, starting with screening on congenital deformities, with ultrasound of hips for dysplasia and continuing until the growth zones in epiphyses are closed.

The team of orthopedic surgeons in the Institute is additionally attentive and sensitive when it comes to our small patients. The team has lots of experience in fields of development dysplasia of the hip, treatment of congenital and acquired deformities. Orthopedic surgeon is a permanent member of the Scoliosis Team. Parents are actively involved in the process of diagnostics and treatment, which also makes the process less traumatic for children.

Most commonly treated disorder and injuries are:

• Developmental dysplasia of the hip

• Congenital and acquired deformities

• Conditions associated with central nervous system disorders

• Scoliosis

• Spastic foot

• Benign tumors

We proudly share with you that our Department, according to the number of surgeries and outcomes, particularly in fields of joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery and children surgery, is one of the biggest and most successful orthopedic center in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in the region.


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