Out-patients and in-patients services

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Out-patient services

Out-patients and in-patients services In the orthopedic clinic you will find the experienced specialists of the orthopedic surgery and traumatology who gained their knowledge and expertise through the education in the region but also in the worldwide known orthopedic hospitals.

The following services are available in the orthopedic out-patient clinic:

  • orthopedic clinical examinations for children and adults
  • ultrasound examination of children’s hips
  • minor orthopedic interventions (closed reposition and immobilization of fractures, fluid evacuation, intraarticular injections, wound treatment)

Also, the following diagnostic services are available to all orthopedic patients: X-ray, laboratory, bone-density diagnostics (DEXA) and internal medicine clinic.

In-patients services

Bones, joints and muscles are among the most exposed and most loaded organs in human body. Common injuries and fall in elderly, then traumatism incurred due to rapid technological development and sports injuries have become a significant health, social but also a family problem. If you have pain in bones, muscles, if your joint motions are limited, if you had any kind of trauma of these tissues, maybe the time has come for you to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedic surgeons from the Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotović” will use all their knowledge, skills and experience to provide a timely and high-quality service for you. We routinely perform a wide range of the orthopedic surgery on bones, joints and the adjacent soft tissues, except for the spine surgery.

We proudly share with you that our Department, according to the number of operations and outcomes, particularly the joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery and children surgery, is one of the biggest and most successful orthopedic center in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in the region.




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