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Thermomineral water

Thermomineral water, the most valuable treasure of Slatina Spa is successfully used in modern medicine, for both therapeutic and preventive programs.

Several archeological sites and Roman coins found in Slatina’s witness that even the old Romans used the benefits of the Slatina Spa thermal water. The construction of Spa facilities and the use of thermomineral water for medical purposes dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1888. prof. Ludwig performed the first scientific analysis of the Slatina well thermal water. Ever since, the Slatina thermomineral water is continuously being used to alleviate many conditions ad disorders of locomotor apparatus.

The last complete physical and mineral analysis of the Slatina well water is done in 2017 when it is confirmed that water is well mineralized (2,4 gr/l) with calcium and magnesium, that it contains hydro carbonates, sulfur and it is mildly acid (Ph value is 6,3). The temperature of the water varies on the well between 39ºC and 42,3ºC.

Today, the infrastructure in Slatina Spa enables the maximal use of thermomineral water.

By natural fall, the thermomineral water flows from the well into the four closed swimming pools with massagers. The water is used in single baths which enable privacy and individual approach in hydrotherapy.  Therapeutic effect is achieved through the combination of physical effects of water (pressure, hydrostatic pressure, density, temperature) and the therapeutic exercises.

It is worth emphasizing that thermomineral water contains dissolved carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in amount of 1g per liter which diffuses through the skin. For his multiple healing properties, the CO 2 is very beneficial for the human organism.


Healing mud – peloide

The Slatina Spa complex also includes the modern peloide baths where healing mud and thermomineral water are combined for the best effect. Healing mud – peloide is produced in the peloide pools where clay slowly “matures” in thermomineral water. Once when ready for the application, the peloide is transported though the moderns system of pumps and pipes to comfortable cabins, designed for the privacy and individual peloide application for every client.

Indications for the peloide application are: osteoarthritis of peripheral joints and spine, fibromyalgia, chronic inflammatory rheumatism in the remission phase, chronic ovary inflammation, neurological conditions (neuralgia, neuritis) etc.

Highly specialized teams for medical rehabilitation, benefits of thermomineal water and healing mud, have all made Slatina Spa to be a pearl of health tourism as certified by the award “Golden Touristic Rose in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.


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