Slatina Spa

Medical rehabilitation

Department of the Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotović” which is located in Slatina Spa has the supreme expertise for rehabilitation of:

  • patients with all types of rheumatism
  • patients with posttraumatic conditions and sports injuries
  • patients with postoperative conditions
  • patients with neurological conditions and disorders

Leaders of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams are doctors specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The team also includes other specialists and professionals – orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, rheumatologist, internal medicine & lung specialist, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologist, social worker. Elaborated program of occupational therapy and psychosocial support contribute to the comprehensive rehabilitation and holistic approach to the patient.

To all patients and guests on Department & Slatina Spa are at disposal all other diagnostic and therapeutic services such as radiological and laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics (blood vesels, abdomen, soft tissues), bone density assessment (DEXA), electromyoneurography (EMNG) etc.

Rehabilitation process is based on the individual assessment and includes all types of physical procedures. Most valuable are individual therapeutic exercises. Physiotherapists are certified in various authorized concepts and methods such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Bobath, Fascia, taping, neuromuscular taping, Mulligan, Maitland, Halliwick…

Beside manual tractions, patients with back pain can also be treated with the passive lumbar traction performed on the extension machine. Passive lumbar traction shows best results in patients with spinal osteoarthrosis, herniated and slipped lumbar discs.

As for sports injuries, diagnostics and treatment are very much enhanced with use of the apparatus for the isokinetic testing and training BIODEX 4. The main uses of BIDEX 4 are assessment, improvement and balance of limbs muscle strength, which are all preconditions for the joint stability.

Physical therapy includes various types of manual massage, thermotherapy, current, magnetotherapy, phototherapy including laser, ultrasound, radial extracorporeal shock wave etc. Occupational therapy is focused on activities of daily living, ergonomic assessment and counseling.

For medical rehabilitation programs, patients have at their disposal 300 beds located in modern and comfortable rooms and apartments. All rooms have a telephone and a TV, and in the apartments, there is an internet connection. In addition, in January 2018, the accommodation capacity of the Institute at Slatina was extended by a newly-built accommodation complex with 192 beds and a therapeutic center.


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