Slatina Spa

Welness and spa programs


Thanks to natural beauties, thermo-mineral water and medicinal mud, and charming forest environment, at the location of the “Dr. Miroslav Zotović” Institute in Slatina there are ideal conditions for application of health preservation program and disease prevention and development of services from the domain of health tourism.

Following the needs of modern life and recognizing the need to join natural treasures and the expertise we have, in Slatina we have continuously invested in the infrastructure that will provide our patients and guests the highest standard of services in this domain.

The crown of our efforts is a newly built accommodation complex with a therapeutic center of 9018.52 m² opened in January 2018, which represents another step forward of the “Dr Miroslav Zotović Institute” towards a high standard of quality of services in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation with the use of natural factors of treatment – thermo-monal water and peloids (healing mud).

Four modern pavilions consist of: accommodation complex with 192 beds in 80 double rooms and 16 suites, restaurant, modern therapeutic center, recreation area with gym, swimming pool, massage area and 2 saunas. An integral part of the newly built complex is a coffee-pastry and conference hall.

For all those who need a short or longer rest from the hectic life, Wellness Center in Slatina Spa can offer many programs for the relaxation and the body and soul renewal.

Wellness Centre offers:

  • Jacuzzi and Magic Showers Experience
  • Sauna
  • All types of manual massages
  • Healing thermomineral baths
  • Peloide application with relaxation
  • Anti-cellulite program with modern equipment, including carbon dioxide treatment

The basic package “Weekend of wellbeing” includes:

  • medical examination
  • 4 programed walks with professional guidance (blood pressure and heart rate follow up)
  • 5 meals a day, as recommended by dietician
  • accommodation in single / double bedrooms or apartments


The “Weekend of wellbeing” can be enriched with the various types of manual massages:

  • anti-stress massage (relax massage with aromatic oils)
  • sports massage (massage after strenuous training and physical activities)
  • hot chocolate massage (chocolate relaxes and lifts the spirt)
  • Raspberry / strawberry massage (C vitamin freshens the skin and helps the body detox)
  • Tui-na Chinese massage (for the removal of energy flow blocks and for relaxation)
  • Reflex foot massage (with healing effects on the entire body)
  • Hot stone massage (massage with hot volcano stones)
  • Herbal spa massage with herbal pillows (pillow warmth and aromatic herbs have anti-stress and relaxing effect).

All massages and other services can be either combined in packages or enjoyed as single services during all seven days a week.




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