Treatment and rehabilitation

Habilitation and rehabilitation of children

Pregled Tima za skoliozu

Scoliosis Team

Most common disorders which are treated in the process of children rehabilitation are:

  • developmental and neurological disorders (developmental delay in the first year of life, cerebral palsy, psychomotor retardation, sensory-motor developmental delays, nerves palsy, head and spinal injuries and other neurological conditions)
  • congenital deformities (developmental dysplasia of the hip, limb deformities, spinal and thoracicdeformities)
  • disorders and acquired deformities of muscles and bones (muscle dystrophy, myopathy, inflammatory diseases of joints and muscles, torticollis, joint stiffness, postural dysfunction, spinal and thoracic deformities)

Rehabilitation services for children and youth are available to both in-patients and out-patients.

Rehabilitations specialists, with additional education in developmental rehabilitation are daily available in several clinics, according to the weekly schedule.

For decades already, the Scoliosis Team is functioning in the Institute. It developed a supreme expertise for the following services:

  • diagnostics, treatment, prescription, design, production & application of all types of braces / orthoses for treatment of spinal deformities
  • assessment, prescription, design, production & application of orthoses for acquired and congenital deformities of thorax and limbs.

Multidisciplinary approach to the patient in the comprehensive habilitation / rehabilitation is available for both in- and out patients. In order to provide the efficient and high quality services to children and families, significant resources were being invested in the continuing education of all team members. Doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are certified in neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT Bobath concept), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Vojta approach and individual therapies for treatment of spinal deformities such as Katherina Schrot and SEAS Negrini.

The clinical psychologist is Montessori therapist and internationally certified instructor for MarteMeo and Sensory Integration treatment.

Speech therapists are trained in augmentative communication. One speech therapist has the expertise in sensory integration therapy and early interventions.

The entire children rehabilitation team completed the basic MarteMeo course, while eleven members are certified MarteMeo practitioner.

All diagnostics in the Institute (laboratory; X-ray EMNG; DEXA, urodiagnostics ) are available to children. There are also consultants – neuropediatrician and orthopedic spinal surgeon. Department has an excellent cooperation with University Pediatric Hospital and community based rehabilitation centers in the Republic of Srpska.


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