Treatment and rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation

Neurološka rehabilitacija - uz tekst


Neurological rehabilitation (neurorehabilitation) usually follows after the neurological, neurosurgical or orthopedic treatment. Neurorehabilitation services are also available to all other patients who developed the neurological deficit, as a consequence of disease, injury or surgery.

Dept. for neurorehabilitation most commonly is treating the following patients:

  • Post-stroke patients, patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease;
  • Patients who were treated for the head injury and / or spinal cord injury;
  • Patients with muscle diseases (e.g., muscle dystrophy);
  • Patients with peripheral nerves injuries, nerve plexus or nerve root injuries.

There are 93 beds available on Dept. for neurorehabilitation. Patients are admitted on either Neuro A or neuro B, depending on their need for nursing and level of functional independence.

Neurorehabilitation team includes many professionals – physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists speech therapists, social workers, orthopedic technicians. Consultants such as internal medicine specialist, orthopedic surgeon, psychiatrists, endocrinologists are also team members. However, the patient and his / her family are focal members of the rehabilitation team.

Physiotherapy offers and embraces wide range of contemporary concepts / techniques such as IBITA Bobath, PNF, taping, manual techniques etc. . Occupational therapists educate and train family members or the prospective careers so they could support the patient after discharge. Also, occupational therapists give advice and guidance on adaptation of the living and work space in order to facilitate the maximal level of patient’s functional independence in the activities of daily living.

Very important support for the patients and family is provided by psychologists, speech therapists and social workers from Dept. for the psychosocial education for adults Služba za psihosocijalnu edukaciju odraslih . Within the Department for neurorehabilitation also function the Clinic for electroneuromyography (EMNG) Kabinet za EMNG I and the Clinic for urodynamic diagnostic Kabinet za urodinamskispitivanja.



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