Treatment and rehabilitation

Post-amputation and prosthetic rehabilitation

rehab. nakon amputacija - uz tekst

Above knee prosthetic fitting

Dept. for rehabilitation of patients with amputations and posttraumatic conditions is specialized for:

  • prosthetic rehabilitation (rehabilitation following the limb amputation surgery)
  • rehabilitation of patients with complicated posttraumatic conditions (multiple trauma) after the operative or conservative treatments
  • rehabilitation of patients after the hip or knee replacement surgery, with complicated postoperative recovery.

Prior to any rehabilitation and / or prosthetic fitting, the multidisciplinary team will make a thorough assessment, followed by the proposal for treatment / rehabilitation plan and information for the patient:

  • Rehabilitation specialists give their opinion about the overall potential for the rehabilitation / prosthetic fitting potential based on the patient’s general medical condition and local finding.
  • Physiotherapists and occupation therapist will teach the patient about the stump positioning, contracture prevention (joint stiffness), about the stump bandaging technique (with elastic bandage) and then, how to improve the physical condition and how to start standing / walking
  •  Nurse will give advice about the wound and / or scar care.
  • Psychologist and social worker provide the information and support to both the patient and the family

Also, after the evaluation you will get detailed instruction about the admission at Department.

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