Treatment and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of patients with diseases of peripheral blood vessels

Angiology is a medical discipline which is concerned with blood vessels and with the interrelationships / interdependence between the fluids in the body.

Angiology dept. in the Institute provides treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases and conditions of:

  • arteries and veins
  • primary and secondary lymphedema
  • polyneuropathies

Beside the clinical examination performed by the angiologist, the following diagnostics is available: Doppler index-a (AB index),  CDS (Color Doppler Scan) of blood vessels, transcutaneous oximetry, and tissue circulation measurement.  

Treatment and rehabilitation services are available to in- and out patients, depending on the clinical presentation, multidisciplinary team assessment, and patient’s preference.

Treatment and rehabilitation services include:

– physical therapy (therapeutic exercises, treadmill, vacuum compression therapy (vasculator, vacusac pressotherapy),carbotherapy, galvanic baths, magneto therapy, phototherapy, occupational therapy)

– pharmacotherapy in consultations of clinical pharmacist and internist: anticoagulant therapy, antibiotic therapy, chronic pain pharmacotherapy, chronic wound treatment with special dressings, etc.

– Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy (HBOT).

– education of patients and psychosocial support

In treatment of lymphedema we particularly emphasize the complex decongestive physical therapy which includes: patient’s education about the lymphedema and skin care, manual lymphatic drainage, multilayers compressive bandaging, and specialized program of therapeutic exercises.

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