Treatment and rehabilitation

Treatment of chronic wounds


One of the main activities of the Center for hyperbaric medicine

and chronic wound treatment is management of hard to heal wounds of different etiology .


At its disposal the Center has a modern equipment for wound management and administers a

contemporary and complex wound treatment. Following diagnostic procedures and detecting of the

leading diagnose and comorbidity, as well as the wound healing potential, a treatment plan is

explained to a patient.

The basic treatment concept is hyperbaric oxygenation .

A variety of i.v. medicines, such as vasoactive cocktails, alpha-lipoic acid and antibiotics are

administered according to the needs and treatment plans.

Modern dressings for moist wound healing of the best quality are also applied accordingly.

In cooperation with Orthopedic workshop our patients are given required orthoses and orthopedic


Ultrasound debridement is done with Söring (Sonoca 185) apparatus. The apparatus uses water

as a transferring medium for the ultrasound signal which then creates micro cavities and

separates between the necrotic and the healthy tissue.


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